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  • What exactly do you do?

    I get shit done. Throughout my (very diverse) career, this is what colleagues have consistently said about me.I figure out how to do things and then I do them (I don’t just give you advice and walk away).

  • With what kind of companies do you work?

    My areas of expertise include apparel, accessories, and beauty. I also work with entrepreneurs in service businesses, specifically in real estate and fitness.

  • Do you work only with companies in New York?

    I happily work with companies all over the country.

  • What is the average length of your project?

    About 3-4 weeks, but some are as short as one day and others are on-going, where I continue to oversee a program (like Affiliate Marketing or Paid Social Advertising, for example) after I’ve launched it.

  • How much do you cost?

    It depends on the project. For some, I charge flat fee, others are based on an hourly rate, and some are based on a revenue share.

  • Are you worth it?

    I am your extra bandwidth. When you let me do the work you’ve been struggling with, you free up your own time to be creative and do what you do best. The financial value of this is exponential.